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May 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
it establishes the united states is a country that can use it intelligence in a very affective fashion. >> greenberg feels the commitment the united states made will help deter terrorist groups throughout the middle east. >> as the president discusses policy in afghanistan, those who lost loved ones thought about the human cost, and a local family turned their attention to assisting who wounded veterans. good >> the president's trip to afghanistan to mark the anniversary of osama bin laden cost debt is drawing attention in the region, of but family members say they think about the fight every day who, and loved ones are channeling that focus in to aid for wounded deathvets. >> he listed two days before the army deemed him too old. he said he was motivated by 9- 11. is what primarily motivated chris to join the military before his 47th birthday. >> he outperformed soldiers half his age, even setting a record for during 128 pushups in under a minute. >> he was a very physically fit guy and believed a healthy person starts with a healthy being, and ordered to have the ability to be health
May 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
into the united states was a different story. >> i looked up, because i am on the passenger side. i see officers running out and pulling their weapons. >> i said yes, they are coming after me. >> i look, and they are surrounding our car. >> while immigration check them out, they were detained for 2.5 hours at the border. cautious about taking any more trips outside the country, but wanting to, they planned a trip to the bahamas last year to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. this time, they got a letter from the state department saying that it's passport was valid. again, that had no problem getting into the bahamas, and they had a lovely time, but coming back home, they were detained at the border for three hours, even with the letter. >> you are not sure what to do, because people are coming and going and looking at you. >> they were finally allowed to leave and fly home. david made another attempt to clear his name with the secret service. they say he is an associate with the counterfeiting court 3 ring. >> i would just like to know how it came to be that my name was associated with th
May 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the united states is genetically modified. this is a cringing factor. my real concern is all the hogger in the world. >> 25 members of occupy baltimore made the trip. they personally engaged locals. >> instead of talking about our differences, let's start by talking about everything in common we have. >> residents lined the streets to watch the spectacle. this man as documenting history. >> i am making a documentary about the summit. >> what are you going to do with the documentary? >> i do not know. show it to all my friends. it is very different. it is a little bit scary to let him do this, but i want to encourage this educational experience. i have mixed emotions. >> local businesses report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we had two customers. >> that is not typical? >> no. saturday is one of our better days. >> christine is having better luck. >> if this is history in the making. you have to have something to represent it. here we are. >> the cost of keeping the peace is about $20,000. >> we are trying to get a national security event so we can recruit -- recoup some of that money
May 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
telling them that united states is able to focus on new global challenges after a decade of war. he addressed to the 972 cadets today, praising them who are -- were just kids on 9/11 for making the commitment to join the military. >> the class of 2012, this is your destiny. to leave your country. you are the leaders of your generation. the 9/11 generation, which i predict will go down in history as the finest generation this nation has ever produced. >> that commencement ended with the traditional hat toss. a soldier who has been serving for almost a year made a surprise trip home to see her the sister graduate from high school. she arrived halfway through the ceremony and hidden behind the stage waiting for her little sister's name to be called. [applause] >> i was very surprised. i was kind of out of bed. -- of it. oh my, that's my sister. >> she did not tell one member of her family she was coming home. that is nice to see it. you know what is nice to see, a hot weekend for the unofficial start of summer. >> maybe we have a trend going. look deadg to take a a few thunderstorms th
Apr 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
regulatory hurdles for small business. >> if i become president of the united states, i will be a pro small-business president and fought for the rights of small business people. >> he has successfully called for his party's nomination after rick santorum dropped out earlier this month. newt gingrich is expected to end his bid on wednesday. i am kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one year after bin laden was killed, a chance to go inside the situation room during those harrowing hours when many lives were on the line. brian williams takes us on an exclusive bind the scenes look at that story tonight. >> when you look at it, what does it conjure up inside you? >> that is the way i usually look when i has been dragged me to an action movie. what it conjures up is all the -- when my husband drags me to an action movie. every other person in that small group, it was just an extraordinary experience and a great privilege to be part of. >> you can catch the full hour, behind-the-scenes conversation on wednesday at 9:00. >> the baltimore city council approved a measure to reduce the property tax rate
May 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> from the white house today, the tour is a mandate, a plan to boost travel to and within the united states. >> it is all part of the focus on job creation. >> international travelers are a focus, increasing numbers from 50 million to 100 million by 2021. and visitors who would spend $250 billion while they are here. >> it translates into millions of jobs in america. they cannot be exported. >> it is being welcomed by travel officials. >> we need more visitors. they leave their money behind. we love it. >> tourism is a big engine helping to drive maryland's economy. domestic visitors spending adds up to $13.9 billion. in 2012, our state is going to become an even more attractive destination. >> we are excited about the celebration that starts june 13. we had an announcement today about the grand prix coming back. that is wonderful. >> the bubba gump shrimp company, city officials are excited too. >> it represents jobs for baltimore and enhancement in our tourism. >> they are expected to draw visitors and bring up to 300 new jobs to the inner harbor. in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >>>
May 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
come from the mid- atlantic all across the united states, even globally. they expect certain things here. my staff delivers. they are the ones who make these people happy. it is our super bowl. they are the ones to make it as successful. >> as reported, and the kentucky derby winner of another is already at pimlico. wbal tv 11 is your home for the running of the preakness. we will carry the second leg of the triple crown on saturday, may 19, plus team coverage before and after the race. >> it seems like the cops do not let you do anything. say you wanted to write your unicycle over a bridge and naked. they did not think it was funny. authorities say he was not drunk or impaired when they caught him over a bridge in his birthday suit. he was creating a safety hazard. they thought he had a good reason going on a naked right. >> we stopped him and he got off the bike and we took him into custody. he said he liked the way it felt. we do not know what he meant by that but that is what he said. >> i'd think i know what he meant by that. authorities say he faces a misdemeanor charge. >> no
May 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
people protesting for a lot of reasons. >> all the corn grown in the united states is genetically modified. this is a real contributing factor to the die off of honey bes. my concern is all the hunger in the world. >> we're told across the city, about 20 grand to provide security this weekend. and to chicago take a look at the scene there today. thousands of people clashing with police as the 25th annual nato summit is being held. 45 protesters were arrested today but earlier this week three men were charged of planting large explosions during the summit. >> the church at one point, the codefendanted if they had ever seen a cop on fire. investigators say the suspects were making moltove cock tails for attack. targets included the campaign office. suspects were charged with criminal acts related to terrorists. lawyers claim the government tried to entrap the suspects. a big endorsement for same sex marriage proponents this weekend. the naacp says it is now backing gay marriage. the civil rights group voted at a leadership yesterday the baltimore based organization says it opposes a
May 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, his family will be in the bleachers tuesday watching him received his diploma from the united states naval academy. >> i do not think i have been as proud of him as i have been in the last 12 months. the inner core of kim, when the chips are down, when life is tough, you see the true quality of an individual. >> he will grant a light -- he will graduate alongside the friends who saved his life. he has no plans to go to law school. >> just having a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty is helpful in any walk of life. i think that will benefit from this experience. >> he plans -- he has applied to three law schools in washington, d.c., and hopes to eventually work for the government. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer -- >> temperatures are warmer than normal and that trend will continue through the weekend. the normal high for the end of may is only in the mid-70's, but we were in the 80's today. expect those numbers to be close to the 90-degree mark for the next few days or so. running on the warm side. we only had a trace of precipitation, some spots had a lit
May 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in finally. organizers from unite shared their distracted driving program with teens attending the state lacrosse championships. they were allowed to experience the consequences of distracted driving. >> what we are going to do is put you on the roadway. >> the estimate more than 2400 people in maryland have been killed in teen-related motor vehicle crashes since 1991. in times of emergency, 911 dispatchers are often the calm voices. what if you hear this on the other end of the line? a snore. what happens when a dispatcher dozes off while the woman pleads for help for her husband. he is not a doctor, not really old enough to drive. we will introduce you to the local teen who produced a test to detect cancer. this amazing couple, we are on that next. >> some flooding whether to the west. heading our way for the memorial day weekend. 65 degrees at there >> sleeping on the job is never a good idea. imagine calling to report an emergency only to hear an unexpected sound on the other end. an overnight call came into the montgomery county fire and rescue. it was transferred to a dispatcher wh
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10